A Video Tribute To Big Breasted Celebs

Is there anything more offensive to Islam and deserving of our scorn then a woman’s sinful bulbous breasts? The answer is of course no, that is why we have compiled the video above of Hollywood harlots brazenly flaunting this most haram of female body parts.

Yes celebrities never stop exposing their blasphemous tit meat for the profit of the Zionist entertainment machine. Seeing all the big bouncing boobies in this video, has caused my pious Muslim loins to become rigid and froth with righteous indignation.

Rest assured that when us powerful Muslims finally conquer the West we will turn all these disgusting celebrity chesticles into beautifully ornate sacks, fill them with dried figs, and hang them from the humps of our camels. Only then will they finally serve a useful purpose and be pleasing on the eye.