Alison Brie Suffers An Asthma Attack

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“Community” star Alison Brie was caught on camera suffering an asthma attack in the GIF above.

As you can see by her perky heaving bosom and the look of sheer terror on her face, Alison Brie is either experiencing an asthma related bronchospasm, or she just caught sight of a Muslim man’s enormous manhood and he is coming towards her with the intention to sodomize twinkling in his eye.

Of course since Alison Brie is a vile actress and Jewess this busty panicked heavy breathing is almost certainly asthma related, and probably the result of her overindulging in the average infidel woman’s favorite pastimes of smoking the crack pipe and dark skin cock. If Alison just lays off the rock (the wrestler, comedian, and the drug) for a few days she should be right as rain in no time.