Anna Kendrick Promotes Swallowing

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Critically acclaimed singer, actress, and Broadway star Anna Kendrick can now add humanitarian to her long list of accomplishments, as she poses nude with a mouthful of man juice for this public service announcement promoting swallowing.

The infidel West is notorious for its wasteful culture, so it should come as no surprise that many Western women do not swallow their man’s spunk. Anna Kendrick hopes to change that with her role as the spokeswoman for the swallowing movement.

“There are starving kids in Africa that would gladly swallow buckets of the stuff”, Anna told reporters adding, “Like all our natural resources there is a finite amount of it. It is our duty as women to cherish every drop”.

Only time will tell if Anna Kendrick’s swallowing campaign will make an impact. However, Anna is optimistic that at the very least women will take more facials without complaining about it getting in their hair.