Ashley Greene’s Bikini Scene From ‘Staten Island Summer’

The video above features Ashley Greene’s infamous bikini scene from the smut film “Staten Island Summer”.

As you may know, Staten Island is considered the forgotten borough of Jew York City because it is the furthest one out from Manhattan. This basically makes it the cultural equivalent of the runoff from the world’s largest sewer, and the fact that it is packed with no good Italians (the Negros of Europe) obviously doesn’t help matters any.

It is in this setting that Ashley Greene prostitutes her nearly nude body in a bikini in this scene at a public pool. Of course if this wasn’t a Hollywood fantasy, Ashley would have stepped on an old syringe and had 12 guidos with spiked hair and wearing more makeup than her, surrounding her while trying to flex their way into getting a piece of her “gabagool”. I think we can all agree that it is just a shame that there is nothing in Staten Island worth crashing an airplane into.