Bella Thorne Bikini Hot Tub Video With Her Sister

Bella Thorne films herself flaunting her tight teen body in a bikini while in a hot tub with her older sister Dani Thorne in the video above.

Seeing Bella and her sister dance around like retards while whoring their white trash tits and ass in bikinis, not only calls into question the depth of the Thorne gene pool but also how heavily chlorinated it is. It also brings up an important public safety concern, for two Thorne girls in a Jacuzzi will certainly result in some mutant bacteria forming as the ooze from the festering sores on their lady bits seeps into the warm water.

Yes the white frothy foam floating on top of the water (which Bella remarks on) is almost certainly a vile toxic stew of old jizz and militant gonorrhea from Bella and Dani’s well used cock boxes. Clearly a gallon jug of acid is going be needed… and if any is left after tossing it in Bella and Dani’s faces it should be used to disinfect the water in this hot tub.