Bella Thorne Flaunt Magazine Bikini Video

The video for Bella Thorne’s Flaunt magazine photo shoot has just been released above, and as you can see it is Bella’s hottest work on film yet (until her inevitable sex tape leaks… which will then only be surpassed by the live stream of her inevitable Sharia trial and lapidation).

It appears as though now that Bella Thorne is nearly 18-years-old heathen Hollywood is no longer being subtle about whoring her out for the profit of its Zionist scum. Of course Bella has been prostituting her sinfully tight teen body on social media for years, but that was always amateur hour and just for her own amusement.

Yes now that Bella is about to reach the completely arbitrary age of 18 she is about to take her sluttery to the big time. In the coming months expect to see more professionally shot videos and photos of Bella exposing her taut nubile flesh, as Bella’s shameless degeneracy is clearly a veritable gold mine.