Bill Paxton Not Impressed With Oklahoma Twister


As you have no doubt have heard, recently Allah unleashed his wrath upon the heathens in Oklahoma through a powerful tornado that killed 91 people.

However, actor Bill Paxton is apparently “not impressed”, and is tired of hearing all the bellyaching coming from the survivors. Reportedly Paxton has told friends that he faced far larger tornadoes in the 1996 blockbuster “Twister”, but you don’t hear him crying about it.

“I just think the performances of the survivors are a little overdone. You want to capture the magnitude of the moment, but without coming off as a crybaby”, said Bill before adding, “The news should interview my co-star Helen Hunt. She knows how to convey the devastation of these storms with dignity.”

Paxton went on to say that, “I just wish that I was in Oklahoma at the time of this twister, so that I could have unleashed some glowing orbs into it… it would have saved lives!”