Daisy Ridley Keeping Busy With Sex

Star Wars Episode VIII isn’t coming out until December 15, 2017, so to keep busy and fit Daisy Ridley engages in hardcore sex on camera in the video above.

Of course the depraved Star Wars fans will be disappointed to see that in real life Daisy Ridley exclusives gets her sin holes pounded out by white men, and not fugly jiggaboo looking nig nog stormtroopers like in the liberal Zionist Star Wars movies.

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Yes Daisy Ridley has a lot of time to kill before she must go back to pretending she is some intergalactic mudshark who has the hots for a frumpy looking ape man, and she clearly intends to get in all the white guy shafts that she can before then. If in the next Star Wars movie Daisy is able to film a sex scene with her dirt skin co-star without looking completely repulsed and vomiting all over the set, then she is the finest actress of this generation and deserves an Oscar.