Daisy Ridley Nude Modeling Photo Discovered

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The photo above of “Star Wars” star Daisy Ridley modeling her naked body has just been uncovered.

Yes before Daisy Ridley was the poster child for female empowerment in a galaxy far far away, it appears as though she was nothing but a cheap filthy whore who would spread her legs and show off her nude cock cave to the camera for just a couple of “quid”.

Of course it is not at all surprising that Daisy Ridley was a low grade nude model, for like all women she is hopelessly depraved by nature and requires the stern hand of a strong man to keep her from committing brazen acts of sluttery. No doubt the feminists will try and spin this by arguing that Daisy Ridley exposing her nude womanly wares in this photo is a courageous act of self-expression, but the truth is that this photo is extremely degrading and that the purest form of female strength will always be found in an obedient woman with a belly full of jizz making sandwiches for her husband.