Debby Ryan Forgets To Wear Pants

debby-ryan, celeb-jihad

Disney star Debby Ryan forgets to wear pants in the extremely disturbing photo above.

How dumb and depraved is Debby Ryan to not realize that she is not wearing any pants in this photo? Does her bare ass cheeks out flapping in the breeze not tip her off, or has she become so use to being bottomless while getting plowed by various Disney producers that she no longer notices?

Regardless the reason the result is still this most shamefully of whorish displays by Debby. Like or not Debby is a role model to millions of young impressionable unwed infidel girls. If they were to now follow Debby’s lead and run around without any pants on us Muslims would never get any Jihading done with all the deflowering we’d have to be doing. That would truly be a tragedy, and just the possibility of this now happening certainly warrants Debby receiving a swift lapidation.