Demi Lovato Dyes Her Hair Blonde Sets Bad Example

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Oh my God I can not believe Demi did this. Doesn’t she know she is a role model to millions of young girls?

How could Demi Lovato go and put blonde highlights in her hair. What kind of message is that sending to her fans?

Getting blonde highlights is basically like saying “I want to be dumb, and I think books are stupid”. Demi is telling her fans they should be bimbos, and is contributing to this nation’s illiteracy problem.

Demi Lovato has got to realize that as a public figure she is a role model to millions of girls. She can’t just go around doing reckless things like dying her hair blonde.

I hope that Demi’s fans know that it is not OK to go blonde, and that getting an education is important despite what Demi Lovato’s hair appears to be telling them.