Demi Lovato Has A New Boyfriend

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Demi Lovato and her new boyfriend Yip Yip O’Callaghan were seen getting awfully cozy at a sex toy festival in the Napa Valley yesterday.

According to our spies Demi Lovato and her new beau could not keep their hands off each other. As one witness tells it “he kept palming at her breasts with his little hands, and she she seemed to be enjoying it… it was quite disturbing”.

When reached for comment Demi Lovato’s representatives refused to talk, but a close friend of Demi assured us that this relationship is for real and that Demi is quickly falling in love, “Yip Yip makes Demi feel like a real woman… and a giant. He is funny, musical, and like all mythical creatures he possess magical powers. Demi could not be happier!”