Demi Lovato Posts Candid Bikini Photo

demi-lovato, celeb-jihad

In a disgusting display of self-confidence Disney star, lesboqueer, and mental patient Demi Lovato twittered the above pic of herself without makeup in a bikini.

Needless to say this is a startling turn of events as Demi Lovato has battled self-esteem issues for years, which resulted in her cutting herself and eventually being institutionalized.

Now it appears Demi Lovato has embraced some sort of heathen new age thinking about “loving oneself”, so she shamelessly flaunts her disgusting female body.

The last time I saw thighs like that was at the Kentucky Derby. If Demi is lucky a horse breeder will see this picture and put her out to pasture to serve as a mare, because no one in Hollywood is going to hire her thick ass.

Demi Lovato needs to learn that her only chance for salvation is to embrace Allah as her lord and master, and to stop pretending she has confidence by flaunting her extremely flawed body.