Dove Cameron Seductive Bikini Cleavage Pic

dove-cameron, celeb-jihad

19-year-old Disney star Dove Cameron shows off her perfectly round perky teen boobies while in a pink bikini top in the photo above.

With this photo Dove is clearly trying to entice us virile Muslim men to slither our tunic snakes up her tit valley so that it can spit its man venom all over her nubile innocent looking face.

However, Dove does not realize that she is playing a dangerous game, for the tremendous girth of the typical Muslim’s meat scud would painfully shove her breast tissue all the way under her armpits. Then when we unleashed our potent man juice from our massive ball satchel on her face it would shoot like a fire hose almost certainly knocking her unconscious and then drowning her in a mighty river of thick pungent baby batter… Come to think of it that is not a bad way for a woman to go, so maybe Dove Cameron knows what she is doing with this bikini top cleavage pic after all.