Elle Fanning Nude While Spooning

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Elle Fanning, the 18-year-old younger sister of actress Dakota Fanning, poses nude while “spooning” in the photo above.

As you can see, “spooning” is the term used when a girl strips naked, spreads her legs, and shoves a spoon up into her well-used cock box, and it is a popular activity amongst teen girls like Elle Fanning in the infidel West.

Of course it is amazing that Elle even has the time to get naked and spoon like this, for she is one of the big rising stars in heathen Hollywood right now with three new movies due out later this year, and up to five new movies to be released in 2017. Clearly there is no stopping Elle’s meteoric rise to stardom… Unless of course us pious Muslims get to introduce Elle to our favorite pastime of “knifing”, which would involve an orange jumpsuit and Elle kneeling in the hot desert sand.