Emily Ratajkowski For Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2014

emily-ratajkowski, celeb-jihad

Emily Ratajkowski poses in an ill-fitting swimsuit and bikini bottom in these photos for the 2014 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

While we applaud Sports Illustrated for taking models like Emily Ratajkowski who usually pose completely naked, and at least covering up some of their shameful bodies in swimsuits this just isn’t enough.

emily-ratajkowski, celeb-jihad

I mean just look at these pictures! This swimwear is much too small, and Emily’s sinful sex organs are still mostly visible.

If Sports Illustrated wants to the escape the wrath of us righteous Muslims they are going to have to do better, which means putting these girls in burkas. Think about how much sexier Emily Ratajkowski would look if her offensive feminine figure was modestly hidden away behind a shapeless mass of stiff black cloth. My loins grow restless just picturing it.