Emily Ratajkowski Nude New Years GIF

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Model Emily Ratajkowski rings in the New Year by posing with some IEDs while confetti rains down upon her nude body in the GIF above.

With any luck in 2014 both Emily Ratajkowski and those IEDs will make their way to Afghanistan, one to blow the Taliban freedom fighters and the other to blow up the homoqueer infidel invaders.

After seeing this Emily Ratajkowski GIF, my New Year’s resolution is clear. This year I will seduce Emily by taking her out to a nice romantic dinner of roasted goat meat, figs, and fermented yaks milk. During dinner I will make her wet by casually mentioning dozens of times how good I am at the sex. Then I will take her home to my tent fist her ass, stuff her in a sack, and sell her to a Syrian slave trader.