Emma Watson Auctioning Off Her Panties For Charity

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Actress Emma Watson has just announced that she is auctioning off a pair of her panties through the world famous auction house Sotheby’s to help raise money for her favorite charity “UNIFEM” (the United Nations’ women’s fund).

To sweeten the deal Emma added that she recently wore the panties while watching a Ryan Gosling movie, and that they have not been washed since. Emma believes that her soiled underwear will start a bidding war between the notorious panties loving Japanese businessmen, and “Harry Potter” memorabilia collectors who would love to get their pudgy hands on this rag drenched in the smell of Hermione’s magically musty gash.

A representative for Sotheby’s said that based on past experience they fully expect Emma’s panties to sell for somewhere in the mid six figures. Emma Watson’s hope is that UNIFEM uses the money she raises to support women’s issues, like worrying about if they look fat in their new dress and men trying to fix their problems instead of empathizing with their emotions, in developing countries.