Emma Watson Nude In A Magazine Outtake

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Emma Watson spreads her legs while fully nude in what appears to be an outtake from her photo shoot in the new issue of “Uptight British Bitches Weekly”.

Emma might think she is being “brave” and “empowered” by airing out her beaten up baby box on camera like this, but I am sure those on set that caught a whiff of the heinous stench emanating from her cock pocket would agree that there is nothing positive that could be said about this shameful display.

Yes there is certainly no good reason for Emma Watson to ever be naked and subject anyone to her stinky lady hole. Thank Allah that Turkey will soon join the European Union, and us righteous Muslims can then finish our invasion of the heathen British Isles and subjugate their pathetically impotent populace. For once Sharia law is in place we will put an end to the constant smell of fish and chips wafting in the air by closing Emma Watson’s legs… permanently.