Emma Watson Sex Tape Screen Shot Leaked

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Emma Watson gets her face completely covered with just the pre-cum from a Pakistani Muslim’s man meat in the leaked screen shot above from her sex tape video.

Of course it is not at all surprising to see Emma Watson get facialized with potent Islamic ball jizz, as like most English women she almost certainly regularly travels to Muslim controlled East London to get her holes pounded out by virile masculine men.

Yes with the native British male population being made up entirely of foppish homoqueer cuckolds, women like Emma Watson rely on us powerful Muslims to satiate their fiery loins. Unfortunately for Emma Watson her Muslim bull recognized that secretly recording their sex session would bring in many dinars for the cause of the jihad when sold on the open market. No doubt the full tape is drawing a bidding war right now and will be released through some Western porn studio soon, resulting in us mujahideen driving a brand new fleet of Toyota war trucks. Praise be to Allah!