Emma Watson Shows Off Her Legs In Heels And An Adult Diaper

emma-watson, celeb-jihad

Emma Watson shows off her smooth thin legs in high heels and an adult diaper in the disturbing GIF above.

Clearly after years of getting poked in her back hole, Emma Watson has lost all control over her sphincter and become incontinent. She must now wear bulky diapers like the one in the GIF above or risk a stream of anal leakage running down her milky white gams.

Only in the degenerate West would it be considered “sexy” and “high fashion” for a woman like Emma Watson to parade around in a diaper because she can not control her bowels. Of course the diaper only serves as a band-aid and does not solve the problem. Clearly what Emma Watson needs is to have an IED stuffed up her rectum, Allah knows there is almost certainly plenty of room for one.