Emma Watson Tongue Tickles A Meat Wand

emma-watson, celeb-jihad

“Harry Potter” star Emma Watson tongue tickles a man’s tiny meat wand in the disturbing photo above.

Clearly the witch Emma Watson has issued an “erecto” enchantment, and is now using her tongue to cast an “expelliarmus” spell on this poor man’s nut sack. Once she has secured his vital juices in her mouth she will no doubt combine them with eye of newt to summon the dark powers.

If Emma Watson is allowed to gather enough sin seed she will use her power to become the ultimate “whorcrux”, and will bring about 1,000 years of darkness and despair. Only us brave Muslims have the moral fortitude to combat this sinister strumpet’s black magic with our righteous stones, blessed AK-47s, and holy IEDs.