Evan Rachel Wood Nude In The First Episode Of “Westworld”

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HBO’s new series “Westworld” is off to a bad start as the show’s star Evan Rachel Wood appears nude in the first episode in the video below.

Of course Evan Rachel Wood is no stranger to nudity as she has appeared naked in the past, but on this show she plays a robot prostitute in the wild west (seriously) so she is sure to appear nude quite a few more times before this piece of crap gets canceled.

Despite the premise of this show being completely autistic, it does speak volumes about the pathetically emasculated nature of infidel males that they fantasize about sex with robot whores. Perhaps if they all weren’t such limp-dick cuckolds they’d be able to keep a real woman, but I digress. In the end the kuffars are going to be in for a rude awakening, for not even robotic women like to be meekly humped by tiny crocked penises.