Exclusive Interview With Joe Piscopo


We caught up with Joe Piscopo on the set of his new film tentatively titled “My Shitty Vanity Project”.

CelebJihad: So, Joe, what made you get back into show business?
Joe Piscopo: What are you talking about? I’ve been working steady for 20 plus years now.
CelebJihad: Really?
Joe Piscopo: Obviously you haven’t seen many South Jersey car dealership commercials.
CelebJihad: Actually, I have an extensive collection of them.
Joe Piscopo: (Awkward Silence)
CelebJihad: Ok, so what brought about this latest project of yours? I understand you’re the writer, director, producer, and star of it.
Joe Piscopo: And I’m the craft service specialist.
CelebJihad: Sorry I missed that one.
Joe Piscopo: Well, after seeing that Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, and Adam Sandler all have unfunny movies coming out this summer I said to myself, “Hey Joe, you are twice as irrelevant and humorless as those guys! You should make a crappy movie too.”
CelebJihad: Interesting.
Joe Piscopo: Not to mention I have just as much, if not more, contempt for the American movie going public then Myers, Murphy, and Sandler combined! In fact, I guarantee my movie will deliver 200% more nut shots, midget jokes, gay jokes, and lame sexual innuendos than any of their films. We’re putting that right on the movie poster!
CelebJihad: Awesome. Can you tell me a little bit of what the story is about?
Joe Piscopo: What story? Who said anything about a story? This movie is two solid hours of clumsily setup and executed jokes! I might even throw in some played out pop culture references. Maybe I’ll call Britney Spears or Paris Hilton a skank.
CelebJihad: Why don’t you call them both skanks?
Joe Piscopo: That’s genius!
CelebJihad: Or better yet, call them cunts. Cunt is a funnier word then skank.
Joe Piscopo: Your damn right it is. Sorry to cut this interview short, but the grips looks like they’re getting antsy for their Starbucks. A craft service specialist’s job is never done.