Gisele Bundchen Sexy (18 Photos)

Check out Gisele Bundchen’s non-nude sexy photos by Nino Muñoz for Harper’s Bazaar (2019).
Gisele Bundchen is a famous supermodel, the former Angel of Victoria’s Secret. She became a Millennium model according to Vogue magazine. She topped the Forbes ranking as the highest paid model in the world.

During her school years, Bundchen was fond of sports, she played volleyball for some hours every day and was a member of the volleyball team at school. Despite the height and original appearance, the girl wanted to become a professional athlete and didn’t think about the model future.

She wasn’t interested in modeling, but once she was lucky. Once Giselle and her friends had lunch in a cafe in São Paulo. On the same day, there was a scout of the Elite Modeling Agency. He saw from the first moment in Bundchen future of superstar because of her beautiful face, legs, and eyes. He invited her to try herself as a model.





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