Halle Berry Gets Plastic Surgery To Look Like A Duck

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Halle Berry has started undergoing plastic surgery to make a dramatic transformation into a duck. As the photo above clearly shows the Oscar winning actress is already starting to resemble the aquatic bird she must love so much.

Of all the birds to choose from I find Halle Berry’s choice of turning into a duck quite peculiar. The duck is one of the least sexiest birds. Now if Halle was changing her appearance to look like a quail or a finch I could understand that, those birds are hot. But a duck? That just boggles the mind.

To get to the bottom of Halle Berry’s plastic surgery duck fetish. We went and spoke to her father (at least the black homeless man outside the 7/11 claimed to be her father, who are we to argue). Halle Berry’s bum daddy told us that, “Halle Berry is a fine b*tch”. When pressed on why she would want to transform into a duck he responded, “because she be suckin dat white d*ck”.

Fascinating insight into the mind of yet another severely disturbed celebrity.