Hilary Duff And Emma Watson Are Lesbian Lovers

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Are Hilary Duff and Emma Watson Hollywood’s newest lesbian power couple? According to this photo of Hilary playing with Emma’s snatch the answer is yes!

While it has long been reported on this site that Emma Watson is a degenerate lesboqueer, we had yet to confirm the same of Hilary Duff. Of course we have always had our suspicions considering her strong masculine jaw line, perfect for munching lady crotch. Not to mention her last name is Duff which is just one letter away from Muff.

Yes Emma Watson and Hilary Duff are almost certainly lesbian lovers. The thought of them passionately licking, sucking, and fingering their taut bodies haunts my dreams, making me erect with disgust. May Allah smite them soon for this deviant lesboqueer behavior.