Hollywood Creates Jew Hybrid For “The Social Network”


By Muhammad’s beard this is a disturbing development. As you can clearly see in the scientific photo above, Hollywood has created a Jew hybrid to star in the new movie “The Social Network”.

This Jew hybrid is a result of combing Jew actor Michael Cera with Jew comedian Andy Sandberg. They call this Jew hybrid “Jesse Eisenberg”, and he is one Jewy looking Jew.

Now that the Zionists in Hollywood have perfected creating Jew hybrids it is only a matter of time before they create an army of annoying Jew actors with no talent who inexplicably get starring roles in movies. Can you imagine how irritating and unfunny a Jason Biggs, Jonah Hill hybrid would be, or Allah forbid a Jeff Goldblum, Steve Guttenberg hybrid?

The Zionists have gone too far this time. Proud Muslim warriors rise up. We must put an end to this Jew hybrid problem before our eyes runneth over with hooked nose, mouth breathing, Jew-froed acting.