Jamie Lee Curtis Nude Scenes From “Trading Places”

For this week’s Throwback Thursday we take a look back at Jamie Lee Curtis’ nude scenes from the 1983 hit comedy “Trading Places”.

It is all the rage among feminist celebrities like Miley, Katy P, KStew, and most recently Cara Delev-whatever to shun the traditional feminine standard of beauty (forced upon women by the all-powerful and unimaginably evil white male patriarchy) by shaving their heads. However, these leftist lesbodykes forget that they are completely unoriginal, as Jamie Lee Curtis has been running around heathen Hollywood for 30+ years looking like a schoolboy… well a schoolboy with nice tits.

Speaking of Western leftist ideology, “Trading Places” is no doubt the movie were they got the idea of “white privilege” which is so in vogue right now. For the plot of the film is a rich white guy being forced to trade places with a poor black man, and the black guy thrives while the weak pampered honky almost dies in the gutter (only to be saved by an empowered prostitute). Social Justice Warriors must diddle whatever genitalia they still possess to this movie at least once a week.