Jennette McCurdy Cleavage Pic For Twitter

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“iCarly” star Jennette McCurdy shows off her cleavage in this new picture from her Twitter feed.

Based on Jennette’s wide-eyed look of abject terror in this photo, it is clear that she is about to attempt to deep throat the colossal manhood of a Muslim man.

Of course Jennette McCurdy is right to be scared of attempting to orally satisfy the mammoth meat cannon of a Muslim, as many before her have tried and suffocated on our nether rods.

Perhaps Jennette is hoping that by exposing her cleavage her Islamic suitor will forgo the pleasures of her mouth, and instead play snake in the valley with her lady mounds. Of course that leaves Jennette in danger of being drowned in a sea of potent manseed when his snakes spews forth all over her face.