Jennifer Love Hewitt Attempts Comeback With A Nude Photo

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Jennifer Love Hewitt uses her namesake holiday of Valentine’s Day to attempt to revive her long dead career by posing nude in white fishnet stockings in the photo above.

Of course Valentine’s Day is perhaps the most blasphemous of all heathen holidays, for not only is the idea of romantic love between a man and a woman forbidden by the holy Qur’an, but the whole concept is utterly absurd. For how could a man in his right mind ever truly love a simple-minded creature like a woman? That would be like professing one’s love for a pair of sandals, tunic, or some other useful but ultimately completely replaceable possession.

Yes the Western concept of love is certainly a ridiculous and offensive one, just like the idea that Jennifer Love Hewitt could spread her legs and expose her nasty banged out sin slit and people would like her again. When Islam finishes conquering the West you better believe we will quickly do away with both Valentine’s Day and Jennifer Love Hewitt.