Jennifer Love Hewitt Topless Outtake From ‘The Tuxedo’

Jennifer Love Hewitt appears topless in this never before seen outtake from the movie “The Tuxedo”.

As you can see in the video above, Jennifer Love Hewitt flails her hands and shakes her bare breasts when a bug lands on her nose. Jennifer’s Asian servant played by Jackie Chan (the star of such films as “Romeo Must Die”, “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle”, and “Kung Fu Panda”) freaks out as he does not have any chopsticks to catch the bug with.

Luckily it all works out in the end as the bug is sickened by the sight of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s titties and flies away. Jennifer then finds a tuxedo to cover herself with, and learns a valuable lesson about the importance of modesty and the incompetence of Asian slaves.