Jessica Alba Bathing Naked With Another Woman

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Actress Jessica Alba was caught bathing naked with another woman in the sinful lesboqueer photo above.

While it is certainly efficient and environmentally friendly to bath two whores at once, one must take proper care to keep them from engaging in blasphemous lesbo sex. For as we know women lack any moral scruples and if given the opportunity they will partake in the most depraved acts, as Jessica Alba is doing in this photo.

Jessica’s owner would be wise to have a bucket of ice water on hand the next time he baths her with another woman. Of course if that doesn’t simmer down the lecherous lesboqueer desires then a switch made of stiff Nile reeds should be employed to beat the women off of each other. Unfortunately I am all too familiar with having to viciously whip my concubines to keep them in line. However, that is just the price one has to pay for being a ladies man in these degenerate times.