Jessica Alba Candid Nude Out On A Boat

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Jessica Alba offends by shamelessly flaunting her decrepit nude body while out on a yacht in the Mediterranean in the photo above.

This Jessica Alba nude boat display is a heinous ocular assault, and a clear act of war against us pious Muslims. The fact that Jessica was so brazen as to expose her elderly sex bits while out in the Mediterranean Sea (which borders many great Muslim lands) and during the holy month of Ramadan, simply adds insult to injury.

Of course Jessica will claim that she is innocent of war crimes because she is out in international waters. However, Jessica should know that Sharia law has no limits to its jurisdiction, and if the United Nations will not arrest Jessica for this egregious act then revenge must be sought by us brave Muslim warriors. For only the righteous stones can balance the scales of justice against such vile acts of sinful female nudity.