Julianne Moore Graphic Sex Scene Leaked By Hackers

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The graphic hardcore sex scene below, featuring Academy Award winning actress Julianne Moore has just been leaked online by hackers. The hackers said they leaked this video in response to Hollywood’s stubborn refusal to execute Seth Rogan and James Franco for their roles in the atrociously humorless movie “The Interview”.

As you can see in this never before seen clip, Julianne Moore rides and then jerks off some timid homoqueer. This sex scene is an outtake from the movie “Savage Grace”, which is just one of Julianne’s numerous critically acclaimed films, as this saucy redheaded minx has had a long, illustrious, and extremely depraved career in heathen Hollywood.

The hackers threatened that this Julianne Moore leak was just the beginning, and that they would not hesitate to release all of the sex video outtakes they have acquired from Sony Pictures’ servers, including the ones featuring Glenn Close giving a blumpkin in “Dangerous Liaisons”, Anjelica Huston getting some balls deep bare back anal in “Prizzi’s Honor”, and Meryl Streep’s golden shower in “The Devil Wears Prada” if their future demands are not met in a timely fashion.