Kaley Cuoco Spreads Open Her Lady Lips

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“The Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco spreads open her lady lips to reveal her remarkably tight looking hole in the photo above.

Obviously Kaley Cuoco’s surprisingly tiny cock cave is not from a lack of whoring, as she is one of the most degenerate sluts in all of heathen Hollywood. Rather Kaley’s taut sex pit is the result of the pathetically microscopic size of the average infidel male’s manhood.

After seeing this photo it finally makes sense why a “big bang” is just a theory to Kaley Cuoco, because she has clearly never experienced a righteous vaginal stretching from a Muslim’s enormous meat scud. Rest assured that if just once Kaley’s vagina had been given the honor of being viciously pounded out as a Muslim’s f*ck toy, her hole would be as wide as a well and her labia would be permanently flattened against her inner thighs from the force of our mighty pelvic thrusts.