Kaley Cuoco’s Deleted “Big Bang Theory” Sex Scene

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The finale for the 8th season of “The Big Bang Theory” was Thursday night, and for weeks leading up to the show Kaley Cuoco had been hinting about some exciting cliffhanger. However, when the finale aired it was nothing out of the ordinary, which left fans of the show to wonder what the hell Kaley was going on about.

Well it turns out that at the last minute CBS’s censors pulled Kaley’s graphic sex and masturbation scene from the end of the show, when network execs got cold feet about how the scene would play with CBS’s key demographic of dementia ridden seniors aged 75-years-old and up. Luckily for the diehard Big Bang Theory fans we have obtained a copy of this censored sextastic season finale, and have posted it in the video below.

As you can see, Kaley Cuoco ends the season with a literal big bang, as her character Penny seduces her fiance Leonard’s best friend Sheldon into pounding her reverse cowgirl style. No doubt this sexual betrayal storyline will carry over into the next season of the show, and will hopefully result in Kaley getting another literal big bang in the form of Leonard caving in her skull with his abacus.