Kate Upton Gets Her Boobs Fondled At A Party

As you can see in the video above, Kate Upton gets her boobs fondled by another woman while at a party.

By cramming her oversized titties into a dress two sizes too small, Kate Upton was asking to be molested like this so she certainly can not complain.

kate-upton, celeb-jihad

In fact, Kate is just lucky that a Muslim man wasn’t attending this party as he would have grabbed on to her breast meat with his vice grip, and ripped those milk wagon right out of her dress. Then he would no doubt smack Kate across the face using her own titty while calling her a whore, and reciting verses from the holy Qur’an to the delight of all those in attendance.

Yes us Muslims are the life of the party, and busty skanks like Kate Upton would be wise to keep their massive mammaries under wraps less they become the death at the party.