Katrina Bowden Finally Poses For Nude Photos

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“30 Rock” star Katrina Bowden appears to have finally posed nude, as she flaunts her sinfully smooth sex slit in the photo above.

Of course Katrina has been teasingly almost showing off her meaty lady lips for years in scenes like the one above of her camel toe in pink panties.

However the real prize is Katrina Bowden’s world famous tight round rump which she has been seductively prostituting to advance her acting career in clips like the one above for quite a long time now.

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Thankfully as we you can see in the nude photo above, Katrina delivers on her bare derriere as well, and we no longer have to wonder what her anus hole looks like… And whether or not it is worthy of being brutally stretched open wide by the enormous girth of a Muslim’s meat scud… Because it is!