Katy Perry Boob Slip Behind-The-Scenes Photo Leaked

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Katy Perry’s boob “accidentally” slips out of her top in this leaked behind-the-scenes photo from the set of her music video for her hit song “Roar”.

Clearly this tit slip is no accident, and Katy Perry was trying to seduce this poor elephant in the hope that he would stick his mighty trunk up her gaping sin hole while his tusk simultaneously vigorously penetrated her anus cavity.

Thankfully animals are usually more chaste then human kuffar women, and have a natural aversion to their sinful sex organs. In fact, this elephant appears to be so revolted by the sight of Katy Perry’s fully exposed boobie that he is risking touching the cursed thing by using his trunk to pull her top back up… Either that or he thinks Katy’s nipple is a peanut and he is going to suck on it. In which case both the elephant and Katy are adulterers, and will one day be stoned under Sharia law.