Katy Perry Nude And Looking Very Bangable

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Katy Perry looks extremely bangable as she sits completely naked on her shower floor with her moist lady lips on full display in the photo above.

Of course when I call Katy Perry “bangable” I am using the term to mean “worthy of being pelted with stones”. Perhaps Katy looks so particularly bangable in this picture because she is pressed up against a wall, or because her shower floor is suggestively made out of rocks… But most likely it is because the sight of Katy’s sinful bare female sex organs sends us pious Muslim men into a righteous rage.

Yes Katy Perry is certainly teasing us with this nude photo, for after viewing it what red-blooded Muslim man wouldn’t want to bang a few stones off of Katy’s insolent whore noggin. What will Katy do next to enticingly mock us further? Perhaps she will pose in an orange jumpsuit with her titties hanging out while slicing open a watermelon with a scimitar, or have a photo taken of her nude ass while she is bent over pouring acid into a swimming pool.