Katy Perry Poses As A Topless School Girl

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Katy Perry whips out her shameful titties while wearing a pink plaid naughty school girl outfit in the disturbing photo above.

I don’t know which is worse the fact that Katy appears to be promoting female literacy or the fact that she is showing her immodestly bulbous and sinfully feminine breasts. However, the fact that in this photo Katy is deep in thought while doing both of those two things just confirms what us Muslims have long known to be true… women should never be allowed to use their brains.

Yes the depraved and immoral nature of the feeble female mind is on display here in all of its degenerate glory. For once a woman begins thinking her own thoughts instead of mindlessly following the commands of men, she inevitably either ends up falling victim to ridiculous ideas about “women’s rights”, or she gives into her base nature and begins whoring her body for attention and validation. Allah only knows how many of my own women (wives, daughters, mother) I’ve had to send to the eternal hellfire thanks to foolish female thinking.