Katy Perry Shows Off Her Enormous Lady Bulge

katy-perry, celeb-jihad

Katy Perry squats down and spreads her legs, exposing her enormous lady bulge stretching her panties in the concert photo above.

Clearly Katy Perry is packing more heat between her thighs then most infidel men, as her kitty appears to be fatter than Garfield after a lasagna dinner. No doubt Katy’s meaty piss flaps look like a New York deli’s pastrami sandwich covered in genital wart scars.

Of course after seeing this photo the degenerate kuffar men will probably become even more turned on by Katy Perry, as they daydream about her using her freakishly engorged mound to pound their loose cabooses. For it certainly can not hurt to be sporting some serious lady wood if you want to be a sex symbol in the hopelessly depraved Western world. However, thankfully a few quick swipes by a Muslim’s scimitar will put an end to these homoqueer fantasies by hacking Katy’s immodest labia back down to size.