Keira Knightley Poses Naked For Art

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Keira Knightley shows off her pleasingly unfeminine frame while posing naked in the artsy photo above.

While Keira’s nude boyish figure is certainly more halal then most women’s sinful bodies, it is still completely devoid of any artistic value and should be hidden underneath a burka at all times. If this artist wanted to capture an aesthetically pleasing shot of an androgynous figure in repose, then he should have used one of us Muslims’ beautiful bacha bazis (dancing boys).

Yes even though Keira has the build of a young lad, she is certainly no substitute for the real McCoy. Although in a pinch us Muslims could probably use Keira if she greased back her hair and clinched her sphincter tight. However, luckily for us it will never have to come to that, for unlike this photographer a virile Muslim man has no problem acquiring boys for erotic pictures and fun games like “tummy sticks”, “cave explorers”, and of course “snake bite”.