Kim Kardashian’s Little Sisters Ripe For Breeding

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Look at this picture of Kim Kardashian’s little sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner, these girls are definitely ripe and ready for breeding. Let us hope that they are sold to a man soon, less they go down the same unfortunate path of their older sister Kim.

In the West they foolishly do not breed their women until they are nearly 30. By this time their bodies are worn and flabby from years of hard drugs and anonymous sex, so it is no wonder their offspring turn out the way they do. In progressive countries like Oman and Syria, women are breed at Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s age so that they have many years to bare many strong Muslim babies.

The Kardashian clan are fools if they do not marry off Kylie and Kendall now before they can be defiled by washed up R&B stars and overrated athletes. In fact I’ll take the one on the right off their hands right now for a goat and a batch of my award winning humus. What say you Kardashians? Allahu Akbar!