Kim Kardashian’s New Song Audio Terrorism

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Kim Kardashian is a monster. It is not enough for Kim to terrorize our eyes with her tranny looks and fat bulbous ass, but now she is also attacking our ears by releasing “music”.

Kim Kardashian just released a new single called “Jam (Turn It Up)”. Jam obviously being a reference to the song making you want to jam something into your ears, and turn it up referring to recordings of vuvuzelas from the 2010 World Cup to drown out the sound of this horrendous song.

Honestly Kim Kardashian should be tried for war crimes for releasing this song. This is an obvious act of audio terrorism if I’ve ever heard it. I only listened to 30 sec of this song before I nearly lost the will to live and started questioning the existence of a loving God. Listen to the video below and see how long you can last.