Kylie Jenner Burberry Bikini Bestiality

Kylie Jenner engages in bestiality with a small dog while in a Burberry bikini in the disturbing video above.

Of course it is no surprise to see that Kylie Jenner seeks sexual gratification from animals, as she has already been romantically linked to the dirt skin rapper “Tyga” and other such primitive Sub-Saharan primates.

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Yes whether it is a small dog licking peanut butter off of her clit or Tyga eating a banana out of her surgically enhanced ass, Kylie Jenner knows how to get her sick kicks with lesser species.

By participating in such depraved behavior while in a designer swimsuit, Kylie Jenner perfectly represents the Kardashian/Jenner brand. For their whole schtick is based on legitimizing the most degenerate of activities through the use of their wealth to mimic class. Unfortunately for Kylie this is not going to work on us pious Muslims, for seeing a pig in a designer dress does not cause us to forget that the pig likes to eat and roll around in its own shit.