Kylie Jenner & McKayla Maroney Underage Bikini Pics

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In the hopes of being purchased by a virile Muslim man, underage teens Kylie Jenner and US Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney both posted self-shot bikini photos to their Twitter accounts this weekend. While both girls’ taut teen bodies show promise they are not without significant setbacks.

In 15-year-old Kylie Jenner’s case, she has been seen cavorting with abids, and with her half-sister Kim Kardasian being a degenerate mudshark it certainly raises questions about her hygiene and HIV status.

While in McKayla Maroney’s case, (though she is free from associations with any Sub-Saharans) at the advanced age of 17-years-old questions of her fertility must be raised.

Both girls are certainly risky purchases for any Muslim man, but with McKayla Maroney’s athletic background her potential as a field hand may yet attract a buyer.