Kylie Jenner Poolside Booty Pics In A Thong Bikini

kylie-jenner, celeb-jihad

Kylie Jenner shows off her newly 18-years-old booty in a thong bikini poolside in the photos below.

Actually to be precise Kylie Jenner’s ass is probably more like 4 or 5 years old, as that is when her mama-san Kris allowed her to get butt implants so that she could attract more dirt skin nig nogs. Coincidentally that is also about the same time Kylie started douching with watermelon juice, and dabbing fried chicken grease behind her ears before going to hangout at her local probation office.

Yes as you can see from these thong bikini pics all of Kylie’s hard work has paid off, as she is the prototype for the perfect coalburner whore. The only thing that Kylie could do now to be more alluring to black men is if she somehow opened a liquor store inside of her vagina and learned how to shit out welfare checks from her anus. Sadly for Kylie plastic surgeons just don’t have the technology for that type of procedure… yet.


kylie-jenner, celeb-jihad kylie-jenner, celeb-jihad kylie-jenner, celeb-jihad