Lauren Cohan’s Boobs In A Completely See Thru Top

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As you can see in the photo above, “The Walking Dead” star Lauren Cohan basically shows her boobs in a completely see through top for the cover of the new issue of “Women In Stupid Hats Weekly”.

It is fitting that Lauren Cohan is on a show called “The Walking Dead”, for she has certainly bought herself a righteous stoning with this see through titty display. In fact, for brazen whores like Lauren Cohan the post-apocalyptic zombie infested world on “The Walking Dead” is going to look like a utopia in comparison to the Sharia law based caliphate us Muslims will soon be establishing in the West.

Yes Allah willing, one day soon Lauren Cohan will have to answer for this outrageous ocular assault upon our pious Muslim eyes, and a psychotic hick sheriff, tiny Chinaman, and a wild sword wielding nigra will not be able to protect her from the divine retribution that will befall her and her perky mammaries.